GARGHASH GROUP understands the importance of delivering superior-quality building, site and infrastructure construction on schedule and within budget. Our knowledgeable, experienced Construction Services team other than construction can also provides part-time and full-time resident observation to report daily activities, monitor work progress for scheduled compliance and troubleshoot construction issues as they occur always with a keen eye on timelines and the bottom line.

Owner's Representative Services

For clients who may not have the time or experience to manage all of the nuances associated with the construction,GARGHASH can provide the experienced professional to serve as Owner's Representative. An Owner's Representative coordinate the work of all entities involved with a project including the Civil Engineer, Architect , utility companies, approving agencies and others so clients can focus on their core business responsibilities.

We believe that planning for a more effective, healthier, and fulfilling living and working environment is not just wishful thinking, we are devoted to making it happen. We are about conceiving, designing, and constructing something of greater value - from offering people a better products and services to creating a better place for people to live, work, and thrive in. We are an architectural, planning and development firm committed to becoming a leading practice where design, technology, and research converge to create places and experiences which improve how people throughout the world live and work. Our practice is steadfast in its efforts to enhance the built and un-built spaces through progressing design, improving techniques, and advancing trends. Our strength lies in employing professional knowledge and application of an integrated, inter-disciplinary approach to design, market perspective, and building strategy.

Professionals who work with our Design range from talented designers, architects, planners, and managers. Together, we collaborate to form products and spaces that are both efficient and functional, all in an effort to making a better living and working environment a reality.

We welcome the opportunity to work together, and look forward to hearing from you!

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