Plastomat Suntan PP-4000
Plastomat Suntan PP-4000     Pakistan

Plastomat Suntan PP-4000 is a general purpose waterproofing membrane that has excellent properties of plasticity, flexibility, self healing, resistance to heat ageing and weathering and high mechanical strength. It is thus an ideal membrane for roofing and all demanding waterproofing applications.

Plastomat Econotop PA-4000
Plastomat Econotop PA-4000     Pakistan

Plastomat Econotop PA-4000 is an ideal waterproofing membrane for waterproofing of exposed systems applications, providing an economical, efficient & durable solution for waterproofing of large area roofs.

Nilobit PN
Nilobit - PN     Egypt

Nilobit - PN waterproofing membrane is heat resistant, anti-UV, UV light and highly waterproof, made from rich mixture of bitumen and Atactic Polypropylene. Inside the membrane is reinforced with Polyester mesh produced by the method of Spunbond non-woven.

Ecogum     Saudi Arabia

Ecogum is a quality roofing and waterproofing membrane. It is suitable for a variety of applications among them; roofs, large slabs, terraces, bathrooms, wet areas, foundations, basements,tanking and others.

ARMOPROOF     Saudi Arabia

ARMOPROOF is a tough semi-flexible, rot-proof, durable pre-molded bitumen based board suitable for a variety of applications in below or above ground waterproofing as well as roofing, parking, bridge decks, wet areas, planters, pools, fountains and civil works.

Polyseal PS
Polyseal PS     United Arab Emirates

Polyseal PS is a two component, low modulus, chemically curing polysulphide joint sealant developed specifically for dynamic joints. It is based on a liquid polysulphide polymer which when mixed with the hardener, cures to form a tough rubber like seal.

Bitumastic     United Arab Emirates

Bitumastic is a single component, solvent based bitumen rubber mastic joint sealant. The sealant on curing forms a tough and flexible seal. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, asphalt and most construction material substrates.

Volclay Waterstop-RX
Volclay Waterstop-RX

WATERSTOP-RX is a sodium bentonite based waterstop designed to stop water infiltration through cast-in-place concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete.


Belmix is a high performance multifilament polypropylene fiber, developed as early-age crack control, freeze/thaw cycle and impact. Belmix is a specially engineered fiber based on selected raw materials and manufactured by Belgian Fibers under controlled and specified conditions.

Polypoxy NF
Polypoxy NF     United Arab Emirates

Polypoxy NF is an easy to use non-flowing, sand filled two component epoxy compound which can be used for bedding, gap filling, repair and adhesive applications.

Dermabit     Saudi Arabia

Dermabit 4170/5170 Salted is a high performance roofing waterproofing membrane, produced with a layer of natural slate flakes embedded on the top surface, to protect the membrane from UV radiation and ageing.

Plastifelt 3060 & 4060
Plastifelt 3060 & 4060     United Arab Emirates

Plastifelt is an APP modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, manufactured from a mixture of bitumen and selected polymers, blended together to obtain good heat & UV resistance and waterproofing properties.

CR 66
CR 66     United Arab Emirates

CR 66 is flexible, 2-component acrylic modified cementitous sealing slurry for the crack-bridging waterproofing of buildings and surface protection of reinforced concrete.

Dermaprimer     Saudi Arabia

Dermaprimer isa bituminous liquid that seals porous surfaces, such as Concrete and when used improves the adhesion of Bituminous materials that are to be applied to the subtrate.

Epoxy Drycote
Epoxy Drycote

Epoxy Drycote is based on established proxy resins. It has been specifically developed to provide a protective coating with thick coat build up and exceptional resistance to chemical solvents.

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